The ancient medieval town of Barga, is situated in the valley of the river Serchio on the edge of Garfagnana. We can still see today the historical center of the old town the medieval structure with its houses gathered around the magnificient cathedral dating back from before the year 1000, and the little township protected by its surroundings wall.

Barga hosts important traditional folkroric and musical events, such ad Opera Barga and Barga Jazz.

The entire valley is situated between the soft green Appenines and the rockier but equally interesting Apuan chain, where you can found the most famous marble quarries in the world. In the area around Barga there are many interesting places to visit: there is the natural canyon "Orrido di Botri" wich is very near Bagni di Lucca, an ancient spa town.

The Wind Cave in the Apuane range is of great scientific interest; there is alsa the Nature Park of the Orecchiella wich extends for more than 5000 hectares and offers the visitor a great variety of flora and fauna.

Barga is an optimum base for visiting the most important cities of art in Tuscany. The cities of Lucca, Pisa, Florence and Siena are all in fact within easy reach.


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